Why put a dishwasher tablet in the shower

Why put a dishwasher tablet in the shower. This discovery was shared by a mother on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, which sparked the shower cleaning craze. A dishwasher tablet-sized square was cut into the mother’s cleaning sponge. She then slipped the tablet through the sponge.

Scrubbing, wetting the bathroom fixtures and walls, and removing the power ball from the dishwasher tablet were the next steps. In addition, this mom who loves to clean revealed that she rinsed the dishwasher sponge after vigorously cleaning every inch of her bathroom. The end product sparkled and shone.

She and the viewers of this hack claim that the watermarks, soap scum, and grime were removed, leaving a brand-new, spotless bathroom. She also cleaned the glass in her shower, bathtub, and bathroom tiles, all of which were evidence of her new trick.

On social media, thousands of people have hailed this sponge dishwasher tablet hack as the most significant game-changer in the cleaning industry ever. But does it really work like this? Let’s discover.

Why put a dishwasher tablet in the shower How to Use Dishwasher

Tablets to Clean Your Shower Cleaning projects have a certain satisfying quality to them. dishwasher tablets to clean your shower Your home smells wonderful and fresh, and your appliances are left spotless. However, like the majority of people, bathroom cleaning is frequently unpleasant. Scrubbing and rinsing with potent chemicals can be overwhelming for many.

Thankfully, this brand-new tablet cleaning solution for dishwashers promises to save the day. You do not have to endure products that smell, but you will still need to scrub and rinse thoroughly. Additionally, you can rest assured that using dishwasher tablets to clean your dishes and dishwasher is safe for your health.

Follow the steps below if you are ready to give this method a shot to clean your shower screens and walls in your bathroom.

Why put a dishwasher tablet in the shower You’ll Need:

a tablet for the dishwasher, warm water, rubber gloves, a microfiber cloth, and a Ziploc bag

In a container filled with warm water, soak the dishwasher tablet. Pass on the dishwasher tablet for a couple of moments to immerse. If the tablet has a coating on the outside, you can’t get to the soap inside until the coating is completely saturated and starting to dissolve.

After putting on rubber gloves, take the tablet and begin scrubbing. You can hold the tablet with a cleaning wipe, ziplock pack or a delicate fabric to keep the dishwasher tablet from sliding off as you clean. To get rid of soap scum and stains, scrub the shower glass, wall, and fixtures with the dishwasher tablet. After you have finished scrubbing, rinse the area with hot water and repeat to remove any remaining scum.

Does This Shower Hack for the Dishwasher Tablet Work?


Indeed and negative. It all depends on how bad the soap scum is in your bathroom and how much time and patience you have. This method might work. You need to be thorough in order to avoid leaving any stains behind because there is a lot of scrubbing and rinsing involved.

Additionally, dishwasher tablets are quite small, allowing you to cover a limited area at once. Unfortunately, this means that getting your bathroom spotless will require time and effort.

The dishwasher tablet’s abrasive nature is one of the main drawbacks of this method. Even when moistened and saturated, it remains abrasive when cleaning grout and soap scum from shower walls. Not to mention the arm workout that you didn’t sign up for, this also hurts your hands and fingers. This method also requires a lot of kneeling and moving around. Once more, this is a consequence of the size of the dishwasher tablets.

Another finding was that the dishwasher tablets didn’t clean everything in the bathroom.

However, the handles and faucets made of metal were shining brightly. This demonstrates that the material used to construct your shower has an impact on how effective this method is. Additionally, it will be challenging to distinguish tiles from grout lines.

The dishwasher tablets break up into small pieces as you clean, but the limescale and scum remain. You might be prompted to take another tablet to make handling and cleaning easier. Nevertheless, doing so is not cost-effective when compared to the price of commercial shower cleaners and dishwasher tablets.

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