Why does my retainer feel tight

This is the only way to know “Why does my retainer feel tight?” Keep reading and connect with our article. As the first step, we thought to give you a simple explanation about the retainer. What is this? Usually, the retainer is a tool that can help to maintain the position of your teeth when they need. Sometimes this is known as a treatment to strengthen your teeth and keep the correct way of malocclusion. Usually, a retainer can prevent you from shifting back your teeth from their original position.


However, we can understand that the retainer is the best way to get a smart smile. You can remove it and fix it after. When you need a comfortable retainer, you should fix it in the correct place while following the correct steps. but sometime you will feel tight while wearing it. So, what are the reasons for that? Today our effort is to find out the reasons for “Why does my retainer feel tight?”


Why does my retainer feel tight? Can it feel tight?


Before finding the reasons for the main question we should know the main reasons that can create the retainer feel tight. It may give a tight feeling. As well as we can hear these questions among most patients. Sometimes they will feel it from the starting step of the retainer fixing method. But sometimes will feel this after the first two or three days. Here we can identify there are assorted reasons.

What are the reasons for feeling tight in your retainer?


As the first reason we can note here, this question may be happening after you got your last treatments. At that time, your retainer distorted the shape. After you apply for a teeth retainer, you should follow all the guidelines those are given by your dental doctor. But sometime you will fail to follow those guidelines. Then your retainer will change shape. When you wash it using hot water, it will lead to damage to the retainer. This is an extremely dangerous situation. The main reason here is, plastic is a very sensitive thing to hot water.


In addition to the above details, when you are doing the wrong maintenance process, it also can easily distort the shape. The wires that you used will not match correctly while handling the retainer. As well as when they do not fit correctly, it is reasonable to give a tight feeling to you. Further, we can mention that when you fail to wear it as directed according to your doctor’s recommendations, it will give this problem. Sometimes you should wear it for over a year even. But in that case, if you do not follow the correct enough time, it will also give this discomfort.


What are the other reasons for tight your retainer?


While considering more reasons for the tight feeling of your retainer, we know that, when your retainer is worn out, it will create this problem. So here, your retainer may need replacement. When it is worn out, it can work slowly and it cannot act correctly while holding your teeth well. Not only lose it but in that time we can see some cracks and calcium plates on the retainer. So it is time to get a new one. As well as the worn-out retainer cannot work efficiently further.


Is it possible that the retainer is tight but still fit?


Instead of the above details around the main question now we explain another way. “Retainer is tight but still fit” Is this a possible thing? Sometimes it may be the correct situation. However, while fitting it, you will feel discomfort because of its tightness. It can give damages your teeth and gum while creating pain. When you fail to adjust this problem, you will face more questions over time.


What should you do with your tight retainer?


Here you have some solutions to reduce the risk with a retainer when it is tight. As the first step, it is time to contact your dental doctor and tell them all the signs of your problem. Then he will give you the correct guideline to remove pain from it. When it needs necessary replacement, this is the best way to follow anyway. Additionally, we suggest you, do not force your retainer when it is tight because it can create discomfort and pain while creating damage. While doing these things, do not clean your retainer using proper caring instructions.


Furthermore, we think that it will be very important to continue wearing your retainer according to your doctor’s recommendations. At the starting times, usually, a new retainer will make a tight feeling. If your doctor is advising wear it continually, you do not remove it. Then it will create any necessary adjustments also. But again we suggest, all these things should be done according to your doctor’s advice.


How tight should a retainer be?


As the common method, the retainer should be fitted snugly over your teeth. As well as it should not be given uncomfortably tight. However, we think that the level of tightness will depend on the type of retainer and style of your teeth. If you can take the medium level of it, you cannot feel any discomfort. When you have a too-loose one, it cannot hold on to your teeth and should require proper adjustment. Further, when having a too-tight retainer, can create more discomfort, and soreness while damaging your gums.

Bottom line


We are discussing until now more details on the question “Why does my retainer feel tight?” Now we are in the final lines. We should note here, when you apply a retainer on your teeth, you should follow all the guidelines of your dental doctor. If you are a new member to apply the retainer, you will feel some discomfort, but keep in mind, over time you can go to the normal situation. But when your retainer feels tight on a tooth, you should need to meet your doctor because it may slightly difficult problem.

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