Why is my water heater whistling

We are here to discuss the question “Why is my water heater whistling?” This will be an important lesson for your day-to-day life. Usually, water heater is helped us by giving heated water for various purposes such as bathing, washing, and also doing laundry. Today we can see there are few types of water heaters in the market.

However, from this article our target is to find out the reason for water heater whistling. Sometimes you also may hear this sound from your water heater. In that case we can mention there are several types of reason. Actually they are the common reasons. In addition of these you can check your eater heater and find the issues. However keep reading this article and join with us to find out the common reason on “Why is my water heater whistling?”

Why is my water heater whistling? Common reason

High water pressure

According to our experience, we can mention high water pressure as the first reason. Sometimes your water pressure will increase from low level to elevated level. In that time it can lead the water to move rapidly through the water pipes. While doing this, it will create the whistling sound by the heating elements.

Cracked tank

Another reason may be the cracked tank. The main fact is your less attention for the heater. When you fail to maintain your water heater well, it might to crack. Sometimes you will not have some awareness about this. Not only that but we think, it will happen due to rust also. The final result of this reason may be entered the air into the gap and escape. This will lead to create whistle from your water heater.

The loose drain valves

As another reason, we can mention that the drain valve is loose. This may happen with the time. You can see sediment begin to settle at the bottom of your heater tank. Further it has there is a valve which can drain that sediment. After long time, this valve will lose. Then it will create a hole to slip the air. This is the issue to hearing noisy whistle.

Worn intel and outlet connections

Why is my water heater whistling? When water heater has worn of intel and outlet connections, this question will create. What are these two connections? One connection is giving cold water and another one is giving hot water out. But when the time pass, this connection can damage or reduce the quality. So, in this time you can hear the whistle sound. We can see the more risk from the hot water connection.

The temperature pressures

While considering the reasons for whistle sound of your water pressure, we found that, temperature pressure can create this sound. The valve of temperature pressure is doing the safety task which release the too much build up water in the tank while opening up pressure to escape. Actually this device can reduce the dangerous situation of your water heater. But when this is doing this safety task, it will automatically create the whistle sound.

But in that case, you have responsibility to find out the reason for this noisy sound from the temperature pressure. In that case when the temperature is set too high, it will create this sound. Further if the thermostat is not working with correct method, it also may be the reason. When the too many sediments are building up the bottom also will be a reason. In this time the water will enter too quickly. Then it is time to pay more attention for the temperature pressure.

How to reduce this water heater whistling sound?

In the above we gave you the common reason for hot water heater making whistling noise. Now we have a responsibility to give you the solutions to reduce this noisy sound. How to do that? Here you can replace the pressure relief valve when it damaged. We think, it will be good to call a professional plumber because he has an ability to do this task well. He will install the safety features after tested the water heater.

As well as you can adjust the water pressure if you see the high water pressure. Here we suggest you to adjust the pressure while installing a pressure reducing valve. Further here you should pay more attention towards the income water. If you can keep stable level the pressure, it will not create whistle sound. As the next solution you can drain the tank because it will help to remove any inside build up sediment.

Is a water heater whistling dangerous?

According to these points of views, some people are asking that “is a water heater whistling dangerous?” We think, it will not necessarily dangerous. According to the above details you can identify the reason for this sound. But here when you do not manage it well, the valve will give high pressure in the tank. Sometimes it may be dangerous situation. This will also cause to burst the tank in the extreme cases.

The risk may be coming in to the high level from your less awareness. Therefore the most suitable task is, when you hear a whistling sound from your water heater, you should find out the nearby reason. Try to identify the place where the sound is coming. After you are determined the main reason, you can take the decision to repair it. But when you are waiting for those repairing process, it will actually give dangerous situations.


We are finding the details around the question on “Why is my water heater whistling?” until now. So now you have better awareness about the reasons for whistling sound and the solution for reduce them. Sometimes water heater may have loose parts inside it. Therefore, we think, you should give proper maintains to it. Then it will reduce the noisy sounds. Not only these things but we know that, actually it can give the best results when it has super maintained support. 

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