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So today we are talking about what is the best kitchen faucet for hard water. Hard water can create stains and buildup on the kitchen sink and inside the faucet. But choosing the best hard water kitchen faucet can make all the difference. There are so many options on the market that it’s hard to know which one best suits your needs. That’s why we’ve spent several weeks researching hard water kitchen faucets, talking to people who use them and looking at various hard water kitchen faucets.

What is the best kitchen faucet for hard water – kitchen faucet for hard water

If you’ve ever had hard water, you know how quickly your sink and faucet can get clogged with sediment. This is because good hard water kitchen faucets are not installed. What is hard water? This is mostly water with a high content of mineral deposits, usually because it passes through chalk and limestone deposits. This results in the white crust you see, also called limescale. While drinking hard water does not pose a risk to your health, it can leave deposits and sediment in your sink, faucet, and pipes. It also prevents your dishwasher detergents from working at their best, meaning you need to use more of them. Instead of cleaning the sink or faucet, the simplest solution is to buy a kitchen faucet specifically designed for hard water.

Whether you are replacing the faucet yourself or hiring someone else, you should always choose the right mineral water kitchen faucet based on your needs and your style. With so many options, it can seem a bit overwhelming. However, our guide will tell you what to look for when buying a new hard water faucet and which ones are best.

You need to know what you are looking for when looking for the right hard water kitchen faucet. You may want to try a different look or style to replace your old cookware and remove deposits and residue caused by hard water. There are excellent kitchen faucets for hard water; all you have to do is choose one.

How do we evaluate

After many hours of research, we were able to rank these products as well as find out what is important to consider when buying a hard water kitchen faucet. This was done through customer feedback and test user experience. So we were able to compile the top 3  best products on the market. This is what we found.

Kohler K-99259-VS kitchen faucet

Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts is our most recommended hard water kitchen faucet. This practical eco-friendly faucet has a simple classic look with a bright stainless steel finish, an antique style high spout and a swivel handle that can be operated with one hand.

It offers a unique spray head that pulls down and has 3 sprays.


  • The sprinkler provides a powerful and wide stream of water through angled nozzles, making it ideal for cleaning.
  • Berry Soft is a lighter spray for gentle washing of fruits and vegetables.
  • Aerated Stream is a great option for filling decanters and decanters.
  • Master Clean: The faucet nozzle protects against the accumulation of mineral deposits and the surface is easy to clean.
  • DockNetik – The magnetic docking system on the faucet body keeps the spray head securely in place when not in use, meaning the spray head won’t deform. The dropdown list feature slides smoothly.
  • Promotion: This technology makes the sprayer comfortable and easy to use thanks to the swivel ball joint and braided hose. This will prevent the hose from twisting or twisting.
  • The faucet body is made from premium durable metal, it is deck mounted and you get all the hardware you need to install the faucet. The best part is that you get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the best kitchen faucet for hard water – Kraus KPF-1640

This faucet is our second choice in this guide. It features a coating to prevent corrosion, rust and mineral buildup, a rugged dual spring construction, and an all-metal handle and body for maximum durability. The low-flow Neoperl aerator delivers high performance. 

While the dual-function atomizer with spray function and jet spray provides 360-degree swivel capability for access to the entire sink area. The single lever design also allows for easy temperature and flow control. It is available in stainless steel or chrome.

  • One feature of the installation that buyers love is that it offers 1 or 3 holes, so you can choose the way you like best. The magnetic docking function makes positioning easy.

What is the best kitchen faucet for hard waterCharacteristic

  • Neoperl aerator – this feature gives the faucet a low flow but high performance, which helps to reduce water consumption without sacrificing good water pressure. Rubber nozzles are easy to clean and protect against the accumulation of hard water.
  • Single Lever Flow Control – This rugged, spatter-free all-metal lever handle is designed for precise temperature and flow control.
  • Magnetic docking. Docking and relocation capabilities make this faucet easy to use in and around the sink.
  • Dual function spray head. The spray head allows you to easily switch between a powerful jet and an aerated jet at the touch of a button.

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