Split level bathroom remodel

So todays article we are talking about split bathrooms. In this article im going to tell you how to split remodel a bathroom. The title is going to be split level bathroom remodel. It is important to remember that in many multi-level designs, various amenities found in other residences may not be available and may be difficult to replicate. This is especially true for open, airy spaces and blended living spaces in more modern home designs. Home additions can also be a challenge due to the placement of load-bearing walls and exterior design elements. Consideration should be given to stairs connecting different floors, as they generally cannot be removed.

Split level bathroom remodel – Layouts 

Tiered layouts may not include other amenities, such as a private bathroom upstairs or a guest bathroom downstairs. These are two popular updates that many people look for when considering layered makeup. Keep in mind that it’s easier and more cost-effective to stick to existing plumbing, so it’s often best to add a bath above or below the existing plumbing if possible.

Space is another issue with multi-level renovations, as existing spaces are often divided into several smaller rooms. The owner must decide where they are willing to sacrifice space for additional improvements. If the convenience of a master bathroom is more important to a homeowner than a walk-in closet, using this space, or at least part of it, could be a good option. If there is an underutilized guest bedroom, it might be a good idea to use some of the space to add another bathroom.

More things that you need to know

Open floor plans are another popular option for multi-level renovations. However, due to the location of the load-bearing walls, some walls may not be completely removed. Access from the kitchen to a dining room or other seating area may be a more viable option that will further expand the space to some extent. Instead of solid walls, beamed table tops are sometimes used.

While a layered makeover may seem like the only way to update an outdated interior, in reality, many improvements can only be achieved through cosmetic changes. This is due to the fact that several years ago multi-level house designs were popular, which means that many interior elements are outdated. Updating the color palette is very useful. New floor and wall coverings can also make a big difference. Replacing outdated carpeting and removing or redoing dark paneling can brighten, brighten, and update a home with less time, effort, and expense.

Split level bathroom remodel – Who will use the bathroom?

Two adults share a master bathroom during morning rush hour? If the bathroom is used only by random guests. Is the needy child a primary resident? Do you bathe your pet in the bathtub?

How will it be used?

What activities do you do in the bathroom every day? For example, you need a place to sit and do your makeup. Please ask if there is a washing machine in the room. What can be done in a common space and what requires private space. Do you prefer separate showers and toilets? So Do you need a bathtub with capacity for several people? Do you want the toilet to have its own space?

Where do things go?

Do you store toiletries, cosmetics, etc. in the bathroom? Where should they be placed for easy access? The answers to these questions can give you an idea of ​​how much open space you need to navigate the room, what size tub or shower is right for you, whether you need two sinks. 

Universal Master Bath Design

This master bath design makes sense when you need to share but space is limited. Plumbing is placed on two walls, sink and toilet on one side and bathtub or shower on the other. Shelf niches frame a full-size tub for additional storage, while double vanities save space with shallow ends. Also, a shower stall can save you money because it doesn’t require a door.

This configuration generally offers more vanity style and size options. Having two sinks (or two vanities) is a huge plus for a shared bathroom. Choosing a larger dresser size can provide more space and storage space.

If you prefer separate tubs and showers, place them next to each other to reduce the use of additional plumbing lines in each area. If you need additional storage space, opt for a large walk-in shower or a shower combination with a large linen closet on the rest of the wall.

large bathroom plan

For a more luxurious bathroom experience, place your essential plumbing in a 10 x 12 foot (or larger) area. Place the tub under a window for a great focal point. Double vanities work well in the master bath, allowing everyone to have their own private space.

The allocated space on the third wall is used for the shower stall. Or, opt for glass shower doors to make your bathroom look more open and bright. If you prefer privacy, matte tile shower doors add comfort and style. A cubicle enclosing the toilet provides additional privacy while maintaining the decorative appeal of the space.

Split level bathroom remodel – Dream Master Bath Floor Plans

For the final master bathroom design, include architectural elements like a bay window as a dramatic backdrop for the freestanding tub. Put a dresser against the opposite wall so everyone has their own place to gather without bumping elbows. If you have a long wall for a roomy vanity, consider lowering the counter section 24 inches to create a unique vanity. Leave room under the counter to set up a stool or chair so you can sit while you cool off.

A dry space shower stall keeps water in one area and reduces wet floors. A separate vanity increases privacy and provides a single place to store your essentials.

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