Outdoor kitchen designs

What we going to talk today is one of the most special topic of all time. Outdoor kitchen designs im going to teach you guys the best way to build a outdoor kitchen at you home in this season. We all love to have outdoor kitchen at home. It gives us some special vibes. So lets see the easiest ways to do this.  If you need to install power lines, hire a contractor. You can build the base and base cabinets of your outdoor kitchen yourself. However, if you want to include a sink, refrigerator, and other additional features, you will need a professional to install the plumbing and electrical outlets.

You’ll also need professionals to run the gas lines underground if you don’t want to lug around your propane tanks. Have a professional install the necessary electrical lines before installing the base cabinets. Try to come up with a layout design and then ask them to install the connections based on your setup. Find out if you need a license. Some areas require building permits to install plumbing and gas lines, and to carry out work above a certain amount. If you hire a licensed contractor or licensed electrician, they will know the building codes in your jurisdiction. If you are working alone, contact your local building or code enforcement department.

Outdoor kitchen designs – Put the kitchen near you

Install the kitchen near your home, not in the middle of the yard. Exterior walls will provide protection from the weather. Utilities are also cheaper to install if the space is close to the house. Choose the configuration that fits your space and your budget. Choose from a straight, L-shaped or U-shaped configuration depending on your budget and available space. The most affordable configuration is the single line set, which can be placed against your house or extended to a peninsula. It will consist of a grill flanked by a base with furniture and an elevation. You can also designate locations for sinks and mini-fridges, but space may be tight.

L-shaped configurations are more complex and expensive

The grill is flanked by cabinet bases that rest against your hearth. Plus cutout bases hold mini fridges, sinks and storage cabinets, and can extend like a peninsula to create an L-shape.

If you have more space available, you can extend another peninsula on the other side to form  U-shape. Keep in mind that more elaborate setups will require more building materials and labor costs. work higher if you hire people.

Outdoor kitchen designs – Choose your material

Use weather-resistant materials like brick veneer and granite for your cabinets and countertops. Also, keep the materials in your home in mind when choosing the materials you will use in your outdoor kitchen. For example, if the exterior of your home is stone or brick, you can cover the bases of the cabinets with a durable brick or stone veneer. If you’re building the foundation yourself, the easiest DIY method is to use treated plywood to build the frame, then cover it with brick or stone veneer. Since the wood is flammable, you’ll want to install an insulated grill pan if your grill is built-in and turn the frame before adding the mortar and liner. If you have a contractor build your foundation, they will use a steel or concrete frame to support the liner.

Choose your appliances before building your cabinets. It’s wise to buy appliances before building them, especially if you’re building your own base cabinets. 

If you already have a grill, mini-fridge, and other features, you can build cabinets with cutouts and overall dimensions to fit your appliances. In addition, its design will depend on the equipment you need. For example, design the space between 2 cabinet bases in your layout to match the size of the mini fridge. If you know the size of your refrigerator from the start, you can set the cabinets at the same height so that the counter fits snugly over the cabinets and the refrigerator. Make sure your equipment is designed for outdoor use.

Consider buying baseboards and prefabricated cabinets. Buying pre-made baseboards is more affordable than custom cabinetry. It is also easier to install ready-made baseboards than to manufacture or build your own cabinets. You can find pre-made cabinet makers online. Most manufacturer websites include design tools that allow you to tailor core modules to your footprint

Build your own bases and cabinets.

Build the base plywood frame. Fasten the 2 boards together using 2.25″ screws to create a corner post, then repeat the process to make 4 corner posts for each base module. Screw the boards horizontally to the top and bottom corner posts to form a box frame.Finish by screwing a board into the bottom of the box that is to hold the cabinet. Cut the plywood to size with a circular saw.

You want the overall height of the plinth to be about 38 inches , but you’ll need to consider the height of the counter when cutting the plywood studs. Subtract the counter height from 38 inches to find the correct height for the corner posts. To create cube-shaped modules, make the horizontal plates the same size as the corner posts. You can make several modules to sit on either side of the vertical grid, then add more modules to create a peninsula.

Outdoor kitchen designs – Leave room for an insulating blanket for the built-in grill

If you have a built-in or built-in grill, invest in an insulated cover that fits over the grill. Build a smaller plywood box to fit the size of the barbecue jacket so that the jacket sits on top of the box. The grid will fit into the sheath of this module then you place the full height modules on the sides. Insulating jackets are necessary to contain the heat generated by the grill. If you already have a freestanding grill, you can simply build the cabinet modules and place them around the grill.

Cover the box frame with plywood

After constructing the box frame, cut the plywood to match the dimensions of the box. Use a jigsaw to cut the space in the cabinet panels. Apply a coat of carpenter’s glue to the plywood studs on one face of the box, press the plywood against the face and secure with screws. Screw the plywood panels to the other 3 sides of the box with glue, leaving the top and bottom open. Cover the plywood with construction felt using a nail gun. After wrapping the plywood frame, cover each side with construction felt. Staple the plywood every 6 inches. Remember to include the cutouts for the cabinets in the felt so that they match the cutouts in the plywood.

Nail the metal lath to the felt. Touch up one side of the cleats with a textured honeycomb pattern. This side should face out. Lay cleats around the perimeter of the felt, driving nails every 6 inches to secure the cleats. Cut the top of the cleats so they are flush with the top of the frame. Wear gloves when working with metal slats. Don’t forget to include cabinet cutouts in the cleats.

Assemble cabinets

Cut the plywood to create a box that fits the base cutout. Cut out the bottom and 3 sides, then apply wood glue and screw them together to create a 3-sided topless box. Create a sill or sill for the door by cutting strips of plywood 1″ wide and 1.25″ deep. Glue the strip to the front of the cabinet box, creating a continuous border across the front. Create a cabinet for each cut you make in the module. Set the box aside until you have laid a layer of mortar. You can’t just reuse old interior cabinets without building a veneer base around them. They will not attach to these elements.

Outdoor kitchen designs – Apply a layer of mortar

Once you have created enough modules to fit your layout, place them where you want your outdoor kitchen to be and position them so that they are in their final approximate location. Mix the mortar to a consistency similar to peanut butter, then cover the boards with a 1-inch layer. Allow the coating to cure for one hour. Before starting work, spread a scrap ring around the base to catch any excess mortar.

So this is all I got to say about Outdoor kitchen designs. I explained the easiest way you guys can do this in this article. And I hope that this information helped you guys as well. So I will see you guys soon. 

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