How to ruin a hot water heater – common ways

So how to ruin a hot water heater. We going look what you can do to ruin it. The lifespan of a water heater depends on how well it is maintained. Regular machine inspections are just one of the most effective ways to catch problems early. Ideally, water heaters are designed to last 8-12 years. But it depends on a variety of factors, with proper maintenance being the most important. Sometimes your hot water system may be out of service under warranty. But do you know what makes this device useless in such a short period of time? Several factors can cause your water heater to fail prematurely. Some of them are obvious, while others are insidious.

How to ruin a hot water heater – Factors that can damage your hot water system

Sediment buildup

As soon as the water flows into the tank, the sediment starts to settle to the bottom. Over time, sediment can form in the reservoir. Sticking can build up on the insulation of the water heater anode. Over time, the anode wears out and burns out. This will cause the entire system to stop working. Sediment buildup can also cause the bottom to overheat. Gas water heaters have protective glass that melts when heated.

Corrosive fumes

Corrosive fumes in your water heater Many people may not know that corrosive fumes can damage your water heater. However, this is also one of the reasons why water heaters fail. Bleach fumes, acids, and any other equipment that produces reactive gasses should be kept away from heaters. Take, for example, a battery with acid. So basically acid is something that rect to electrodes and release gas.. If the burner draws this gas into the water heater, it will react with the water inside. The mixture reacts with the anodes of the electrodes, destroying them. Corrosive compounds can also react with the lining, causing leaks and damage to the entire system. Products that emit ammonia should also be kept away from water heaters, as they can cause the same problems as above.

High water pressure

It’s the silent killer that many don’t even suspect. High water pressure above 80 psi or max, depending on your water heater, can cause serious damage. The pressure can even burst water pipes and other appliances. Always check before connecting the water pipes and, if possible, install a pressure reducer and expansion tank. The expansion tank absorbs over pressure caused by thermal expansion caused by activating the heater in a closed system.

How to ruin a hot water heater – negligence

Can be called the main killer of water heaters. Most homeowner installs, as long as you have hot water in your home, you should be fine. They don’t bother to check the status of the water heater system. Neglecting your water heater is the first step to breaking it. It’s important to note that water heaters will always have pop-up issues, such as valve leaks, months after installation. If these small problems are not fixed in time, it will definitely speed up the wear and tear.

Transient current

It’s current from a source other than the one you’re using. Lightning can cause this type of current. Once it’s in the pipe, electricity can flow into the tank. This can lead to corrosion of pipes and water heaters. To prevent this, copper wires are connected to the inlet and outlet pipes. Then connect the cable to ground or an electrical grounding system. The lighting current is grounded to prevent corrosion of water heaters and pipes.

How to ruin a hot water heater – Ignore all signs of water heater failure

Preventive maintenance is great (unless you’re trying to turn off the water heater), but there’s no guarantee that problems won’t arise. Even if you schedule regular maintenance, sooner or later you may run into some problems. If you want to keep your water heater, you need to be aware of the symptoms and behaviors that indicate a need for service. Things like persistent poor performance, temperature fluctuations, leaks, or strange noises. But what if you just want to fill your water heater as quickly as possible? Just ignore (OK!

As we mentioned above, water heater problems only show noticeable symptoms if they develop over time and damage the system. So if you already have symptoms of a malfunctioning water heater, you may soon be waiting for it to fail completely! Just ignore anything that suggests something is wrong with the system, before you know it, you’ll have to install a fresh system.

Ignore key signs

There are usually several warning signs before a water heater fails. This could be insufficient water heating, strange noises from the water tank, cigarette lighters that go out for no reason, rusted pipes, etc. Since the device is usually located in the garage or basement of most homes, residents rarely see these warning signs until it’s too late. To avoid this, schedule regular maintenance with a reputable plumbing service.

How to ruin a hot water heater – Not cleaning HVAC ducts

Many people are unaware that HVAC plumbing work can affect their water heater. Ducts are air ducts that distribute heat and cooling throughout the house. Over time, these channels can become clogged with dirt and debris. Therefore, HVAC equipment such as air conditioners and radiators have to work harder to achieve the same effect. As a result, both increase wear. To avoid this, use a reputable and qualified pipe cleaner.

So these are the ways that you can do as the title says  how to ruin a hot water heater. I hope now you can avoid these things.. See you guys soon with a new one.

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