How to make a outdoor play house

So how to make a outdoor play house. We al have kids or we will have kids in future. So to give them something nice to play is a goal in our lives. I will explain you guys a best way to build a outdoor play house in easy few steps. So keep reading or you will miss the tips. Build a wooden theater.  Gather your materials. This is the slowest and slowest way to build a theater, but it produces the best results. However, there is a long list of consumables, so make sure you have everything ready before you start building.

Materials you will need include 2×8 board, 2×4 board, ¾” plywood, 3″ galvanized wood screws, 1″ x 6″ siding board, paneling, quarter round trim, shingles and studs for roof. You will need a variety of tools, including circular saws, jigsaws, reciprocating saws, drills, levels, squares, hammers, rulers, utility knives, and tape measures. One option is to use plexiglass to create real windows instead of creating open spaces in your theater. First choose a location. The theater is 6ft by 8ft and needs at least the same amount of space plus some extra space in the doorway. This theater is located outdoors, but of course, if desired, it can be placed indoors.

How to make a outdoor play house – Easy steps

Create a base. To build the base of the theater, you’ll use a 2×8 board and then cover it with siding boards. This base will be the seating area for the theater and will also provide a two foot porch in front of the entrance. Form a 6′ x 8′ rectangle by measuring and cutting the 2′ x 8′ boards. Cut the two side boards one inch shorter so they fit snugly between the two longer boards.

Attach the boards with 3-inch screws to form a hollow rectangle. To make the floor more stable, use two more 2×8 stirrups to create the floor joists. They should be cut to fit the space where the center floor runs lengthwise so that the four foundation boards are 8 ft (2.4 m) apart and the two end boards are 1.8 m (1.8 m) apart. 6 feet). Attach them to the sides with three-inch screws. To cover the foundation and create the floor, measure and cut the 1″ x 6″ deck boards to fit the width (smaller distance). Use enough to cover the entire base with no gaps between each board. Use 3-inch screws to make sure they are secure. So use a circular saw to cut out the extra boards.

Create a wall frame 

To build the theater walls, you first need to make empty frames to connect the sides. Measure 1″ around the perimeter of the base as the wall frame will rest on the floor and not be supported from the outside. To make the back frame, first measure the boards that will create the top and bottom. They should be cut from your 2×4 and measure 7’11” so they do not overlap the edge of the floor. Then take five 2x4s and measure them 3 feet 9 inches so they line up with the edge of the floor. Join them evenly for framing desired width of 4 feet with no overlap Attach two 3’9″ tiles to the edges of two 7’11” tiles to create an empty rectangle, then add three evenly spaced support beams in the center of the rectangle to create four smaller empty pieces.

Frame the front wall following the same process as above to frame the back wall. Also, add a six-inch cross board below the top board between any two posts of your choice. This will create the door frame.

How to make a outdoor play house – How to make a outdoor play house

Make the side walls by taking 2×4 boards and cutting four (two for each side wall) to a length of 3 feet 9 inches. Take four more 2×4 boards and cut them into 3’4″ sides at the top and bottom. Fasten with galvanized screws to make two rectangular sides. For each side, cut two 3’9″ boards to add to the center of the frame As support. Add them to the center of each side frame and secure with screws. On each side frame, measure 9 inches from the top and bottom and add a board here to fit between the studs. This will create a frame for the two side windows.

How to make a outdoor play house – Attach the wall frame to the base. 

Start at the back wall and place it vertically on the edge of the baseboard. Secure it to the ground with some galvanized wood screws. Next, move on to the side walls; first connect them to the floor, and then use other screws to attach them to the edge of the rear wall. The last wall to be added is the front wall. Remember that there will be two feet of space in front of this porch. Screw it to the floor, then to the sides, making sure it fits snugly into the other frames on the wall. Build a roof. After the wall frames are firmly fixed to the ground, you can start making the roof.

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